High-Ticket JV Broker
High-Ticket JV Broker
Collaboration over competition

Ideal clients, delivered free.


I connect your high-ticket offering with influencers, so you get new clients without paying for them.


When you realize how much new leads are costing you...

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It hurts.
Because your stuff is legit. It gets results. 
You're trying to spread the word, but the rat race of paid acquisition is getting costlier by the day.

So you think, "Should I try a joint venture?"


Joint ventures are pretty great, after all.
You find a partner, exchange value, and you both make money.

There's no risk. Minimal costs. Sounds great!

There's just one problem...coordination.


As it turns out, coordinating joint ventures takes LOTS of time.

Time building relationships.
Time prospecting and negotiating.
Time planning, organizing and executing.

Time you don't have.


Here's where I come in...

My name is Blake Stratton, and I'm the high-ticket joint venture broker.

My done-for-you service coordinates joint ventures between premium products and niche influencers.

I've created millions of dollars in revenue for my clients through this singular organic marketing strategy. 


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I'll manage the entire process so you can focus on your business.


I'll find an influencer you can partner with. Someone with a large audience that will bring you an immediate influx of new sales through a single joint venture.

I'll arrange and execute the joint venture, too.

What does it feel like to get a surge of new clients without having to hustle and spend?

Something like this:

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So how much do you have to pay me to get started?


No, seriously.

I charge a simple 10% commission on the success of your joint venture.

In other words, I don't get paid until you get sales.

Sound good? Good.

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Are you JV ready?

I’ll only secure strategic partnerships for people who are “JV Ready.”

To find out if you qualify, click the button below to apply and follow the instructions to set up a call with me.

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Click the button to apply. 

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High-Ticket JV Broker is part of Abundance Marketing, a consulting firm and business ideology of Blake Stratton.

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